JUPEB Affiliated Universities In Nigeria And Abroad

List Of JUPEB Affiliated Universities In Nigeria

Affiliated JUPEB universities are the pioneering universities that come together to create another alternative means of gaining admission into 200 level without going to any of the Nigerian Polytechnics. JUPEB is one of the Advanced programmes you can use to gain admission today in Nigeria aside IJMB, NABTEB A Level, Cambridge A Level. The coming together of these universities was the birth of Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPB). And yearly, thousands of students are using it to gain admission in the Nigerian universities and abroad

JUPEB have a lots of affiliated universities in Nigeria as of today, and students can choose any of them after being through with the programme and have come out successfully and also meets the JUPEB cut off marks for universities admission irrespective of wherever you have attended your JUPEB programme lectures and conducted the JUPEB examination under the supervision of University of Lagos. We would be listing the JUPEB affiliated universities below.

What is JUPEB affiliated Universities? They are universities that you can use JUPEB result to gain admission into 200 level in that university. You can do your programme at Unilag, and use the result to apply Uniben since Uniben is one of the JUPEB affiliated universities. You can do your programme at private advanced study centres and decided to use it to gain admission into any of the universities of your choice after being through with the programme

JUPEB Affiliated Universities in Nigeria

Below are the list of universities that is affiliated to JUPEB. You can use your JUPEB result to gain admission into 200 level


  1. Federal University of Agriculture, Abueokuta
  2. Federal University of Technology, Akure
  3. Federal University of Technology, Owerri
  4. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife
  5. University of Benin, Benin City
  6. University of Ilorin, Ilorin
  7. University of Lagos, Akoka – Lagos
  8. University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  9. University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt
  10. University of Uyo, Uyo

Check JUPEB universities to see list of both JUPEB partnering and affiliated universities in Nigeria

What Interested Candidates Need To Know About JUPEB Programme.

All private universities in Nigeria accept it.

89% of Southern universities accept it. Anyone can apply for the programme. 

JUPEB  Affiliated Universities In Abroad

These are the foreign universities that are currently affiliated to JUPEB programme. I.e, they are universities that recognised JUPEB and just like the case in Nigeria. You can use it to study any course in those universities when you apply with the result. You can know more about JUPEB if you are just hearing About JUPEB

List of foreign universities accepted JUPEB result

1.SOOCHOW UNIVERSITY, CHINA, PROGRAMME: Medicine (only) Enquiries –

+234-9093621958; +234-8086757464

2. UNIVERSITY OF BEDFORDSHIRE (U.K.) PROGRAMMES: (Enquiries +234-9093621958; +234-806757464)

Accounting, Advertising, Biomedical Science, Business Studies, Computer Science, General Media Studies (Mass Communication), Law, Marketing and Psychology.


(Enquiries: +234-9093621958; +234-8086757464)

Business Related Programmes: Business Administration, Business Studies, Business Information Systems or Technology, International Business, International Fashion Management, Management and Marketing, Marketing, Marketing and Business Management, Business Operations Management, Retail Management (with options).

Economics-Related Programes:  Economics, Business Economics

Law-Related Programmes:  Law, Human Rights,

Law and Criminology.

Construction-Related Programmes:  Commercial Management & Quantity Surveying, Construction Project Management, Facilities Management, Building Services and Sustainable Engineering, Architecture.


(Enquiries – +234-9093621958; 234-8086757464)

Science-Related Programmes: Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences,

Environmental Sciences, Human Biology, Conservation Biology, Sports

Science, Forensic Science, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry.

Engineering-Related Programmes: Aerospace Engr., Mechanical Engr.,

Motorsport Engr., Electrical & Electronic Engr., Computer Science,

Construction Management, Civil Engr., Architectural Design.

Environmental Sciences Related Programmes: Construction Management,

Civil Engineering, Architectural Design Technology.

5. UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM PROGRAMMES  (Enquiries–+234-9093621958; +234-8086757464)

Chemical Engr, Civil Engr, Electrical & Electronics Engr,

Mechanical Engr, Materials Science and Technology

6. DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY PROGRAMMES  (Enquiries–+234-9093621958; +234-8086757464)

Art, Design and Architecture; Business and Management; Computing Sciences; Creative Technologies and Media; Engineering; Health, Society and Community; Humanities; Law; Life Sciences; Music; Performance Arts and Arts and Festivals Management.


  1. Registration for 2017 direct entry requires jupeb results whereas the results is yet to be released, are we to fill in awaiting results in that space for jupeb results?

  2. While registering for direct entry jupeb results is required meanwhile the results is not yet released are we to fill in awaiting results in that space for jupeb results?

  3. I want to know if Bingham University (ECWA), Karu, Abuja accepts JUPEB. Bingham University is a private university owned by ECWA.

    Secondly why is JUPEB not popular among the private universities like IJMB? Please the organisers should make JUPEB a nationwide thing.

    Thirdly, does the Results obtained at JUPEB have an expiry? Can it be held on to like WAEC and used anytime especially where there is a financial constraint or ill health?

    Thank you.

  4. Greetings to you sir.
    I took JUPEB program at UNN and got 11points. Can I use to result to apply to any of the federal universities in Northern Nigeria? Is it also a universally accepted A’level certificate?

  5. Okay my son got all 13 points in his jupeb for law in unilag but Unilags cutoff was 14….what would he do and is it possible to get admissions into a foreign University at this time

  6. pls, can one change course when filing D. E form after one must av passed d exam e.g lasu foundation programme dosnt offer pharmacy,so somone dat nw put in for med&surg,can one nw opt for pharmacy in d D. E to another university
    is that possible?

  7. Please sir Can One,Change Subjects Combination after Online registration ?
    Secondary,Can u get Admission through Jupeb by Combining two results,e.g combining WAEC ND NECO ?

  8. I registered my 2016 JUPEB program in one of the private university hope I can use it to gain Admission in any of the Federal affiliated university?

  9. please I write to know the reason why there is nothing like first choice/second choice of university in the registration of JUPEP program?

  10. Am Williams Emmanuel A. I partook in the just concluded Jupeb Session… I just got news from my course mates that our results are out… but not on net… they said we should check the school… Pls JUPEB how genuine and reliable is that news? Are the results out? Pls respond soon! THANKS…

  11. Good day Sir/Ma,
    Please is it true that the JUPEB 2015/2016 results are out? I tried locating my son’s result but the response I got was that the Candidate with his registration number and surname’s result could not be found.
    Thank you for your prompt response.

    1. Yes, she can apply ma. But she still has to reregister of any of the Olevel examination body in order to have Maths, I guess she is an students, I want to believe her Govt too is also important. So to have them too, she needs to resit for either WAEC, NEC0,GCE etc

  12. Pls, i have 2 questions. 1 Can one prepare from home or AEC in ibadan and just take the final exam witout going thru any university. 2 Do the foreign affiliate universities also consider admission into 200L

      1. Please is fountain university a center for JUPEB cause dey gave me admission for JUPEB without going through registration with JUPEB. Nd ask me to resume October 3

    1. You must choose the university of choice in the D.E form, however you can use your JUPEB result to gain admission into any university of choice

  13. Can one have lectures in a centre and go to another centre for exams? Registering for the program lectures, is it not done same time with registering for exams, are they done differently/ independently?

    1. Candidates cannot decides that all alone, the coordinator of the centre where you are receiving the lectures determine where candidates will write the JUPEB final exam

  14. Please what do you mean by public and private centres? Apart from Lasu and Unilag are there other study centres in Lao’s

    1. Yes. These are centres mainly focus on running JUPEB only programme or in addictions to other Alevel programmes

  15. Sir please why is uniben not included in the jupeb form to be printed out please dont cause confusion please i want to do mine in uniben and im confused sir please reply.

  16. Sir please why is uniben not included in the jupeb form to be printed out please dont cause confusion please i want to do mine in uniben and im confused.

    1. Uniben and almost all federal universities have the capability of registering their JUPEB candidates without any input from us (a private body). So if your sole aim is to do it at Uniben and nowhere else, please visit Uniben website to follow the instructions and not here.

      The major difference between us is that we relate to students on one to one basis and answer students questions with great professionalism not just on the web but during lectures hours.

    1. If you register through us, NO, but you register through a university website, there is high probability that there will be

    1. When you register through us. Automatic admission into JUPEB is awaiting for you. For now, we do not promote any university than others until we are contacted to handle their registrations for JUPEB.

      We now offer registration. You can follow the procedure to register your JUPEB programme (We do not promote any university JUPEB programme than others here for now(Where you attend your JUPEB lectures/programme do not matter. Candidates can study somewhere else and go and use the certificate/result in another university entirely different from the centre such student have gone through the programme. Print JUPEB form here and chose any of the closest centre to you then follow the other procedures.

  17. Pls.i.made.mistake.in.my.registration.number.i.wrote.6071.instead.of.6017.though.my.name.and.sch.number.is.dere.is.dere.a.chance.of.it.been.corrected?

  18. when someone is admitted with jupeb into 200 level, does it affect gpa of the candidaite since there was no 100 level exam.

  19. pls jupeb i need an urgent answer. as a jupeb students entering 200 level direct without going through 100 level. what will be my g.p ? pls

  20. When I went to jamb office to submitt my d.e form I was asked of local governmnt form,thought my credentials shld be my ssce and my jupeb result nd d.e slip though I’m using awaiting result.pls what are d necessary things I need to submitt eventhough d result is yet to be out,tnkx

  21. please how much is lasu jupeb and can it be paid instalmentally and is lasu among d jupeb affiliated skul

    1. We really not sure if Lagos state university runs JUPEB. We hope they get back to us on the information we have requested them

      1. Was just surprised to read from Lasu site that Jupeb exams have already been done and resumption is August 2016! Really surprised! I would have loved to do the exams as well.

        1. You can register through us. Registration for JUPEB is still ongoing with us.
          We now offer registration. You can follow the procedure to register your JUPEB programme (We do not promote any university JUPEB programme than others here for now(Where you attend your JUPEB lectures/programme do not matter. Candidates can study somewhere else and go and use the certificate/result in another university entirely different from the centre such student have gone through the programme. Print JUPEB form here and chose any of the closest centre to you then follow the other procedures.

    1. We are guessing in the next three weeks probably. We are not sure yet. Once is has been released by JUPEB board(www.jupeb.edu.ng) you will be first to know, trust us

  22. I made a mistake in my exam number when filling my de form I started with 5119 instead of 6119 and have gone to submit it at jamb office. Please ma/sir is there anything I can do about it am just so scared and confused here

  23. Pls sir, i put unibn and funab as 1st and 2nd choice respectively. For biochemistry, will funaab consider me despite putting them as 2nd choice, and will i have to write any exam there? What steps do i make about this? thanks

  24. sorry,pls…since theres. room for change of institution after jamb before post utme… y cant they be room for change of institution when result is out cos we were told to submit our D.E form before month ending…and that av done, now my parent want me to travel abroad to study…what can I do. I don’t want to miss this chance. tnx

    1. We think there is something call change of course/institution. You should not get that at JAMB office or go to cafe for more info. We are limited about how it works

  25. ʝʊքɛɮ քʟʐ I աaռt tօ ҡռօա աɦat aʀɛ օʊʀ ċɦaռċɛs ɨռ
    ɢɛttɨռɢ aɖʍɨssɨօռ ɨռ ʊռɨɮɛռ sɨռċɛ ɨt ɨs tɦɛ ʄɨʀst tɨʍɛ

  26. Please is it after writing the jupeb exam, you also write the direct entry exam that is post utme in that prefered university

  27. Direct entry has already been purchased if after the result is out you want to change your university how do you go about it

    1. Choose your preferred university in your D.E form, D.E is most important after you have passed your JUPEB exams

      1. DE form has already been submitted, is it possible to switch to another affiliated university when the result comes out?

  28. I want to change my university that to another affiliated university how will I change the university , is it after the result is out

  29. When the jupeb result is out and u want to apply to an affiliated university that u didn’t run the program is there any procedure to take .

    1. There is no special procedure it is just the normal procedure just like you have attended the programme at that university, where you run your JUPEB programme do not matter at all. Buy your D.E form and choose your preffered university then wait for their post utme

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