JUPEB Examination: What Candidates Need To Know

JUPEB examination timetable is what every JUPEB candidates always look forward to yearly as the timetable means the end to the session. Now here are what you need to know as an applicant for JUPEB or already a student who is waiting for the timetable to be released.

JUPEB examination is usually late May or JUNE every year and the candiates are going to be examined with the JUPEB subjects combination they have registered for before attending JUPEB lectures their various centres. With four subjects students are going to be examined on, they have enough time to complete their examinations within three weeks. Each day will be two courses, with each spanning 2.30 to 3 hours.

It is left for you to prepare very well for the exam time. The mistake most students make about JUPEB examination is that most students start preparing when the exam timetable comes out, which is not suppose to be so. JUPEB programme is an ALEVEL programme, and the examination is going to be 100% theory and with practicals for pure sciences .  So if you want to make use of the result and you not just going for JUPEB programme to pass through A’level before entry university, you are meant to start reading and preparing right from your first day. With JUPEB there is no shortcut  for examination success, it is either you read and pass or you have a very low points that would take such candidates to nowhere.

The other thing candidates need to be aware of is the study centre they choice why registering for JUPEB programme. Since JUPEB examination questions are the same and do take place at the same time for all the selected and approved JUPEB examination centres, the centre you choose to attend lectures will eventually matters. And that is why we here to make sure you are in the right approved IJMB study centres in Nigeria and do the examinations at the accredited examinations centres approved by Unilag JUPEB Board

If you later find yourself where the JUPEB syllabus is not being followed, or being followed by lecturers are not always around to take you through the syllabus thoroughly, such students will not find the examination easy enough to come out with flying colour. Advise to all JUPEB foundation lecturers and centres; monitor your lecturers and make sure the syllabus is followed to the later. This will help your centre improve and will also speak well of your candidates .



What do you want to know about JUPEB examination? Tell us, and we will help you clarify them.


  1. Is there any exam required before you can go for the jupeb program? Or is it just the general exam they sit for at the end of lectures? What’s the difference between JUPEB AND IJMB??

  2. hey jupeb
    is it possible to pay for just the exam fee and write only the exam without paying for tuition and yet have the certificate if we do well?I will appreciate a reply

  3. Since jupeb does not want to answer my question on what I asked, then I think d best thing to do is to scrab jupeb programme at lasu, b’cos dey’re using d students to generate money for themselve

  4. Please is jupeb results for 2017 result really out? The rumours are scaring me oo. I need urgent answers please jupeb

  5. I’m still waiting for my reply pls, or admission for all jupeb student 2016/17 at lasu shld be authomatic or jupeb shld be scrabbed at lasu, since d lecturers are not serious b’cos dey are toiling wit d lives of d students and dey’re also using dem to make money.

  6. I did jupeb at lasu 2016/17,and my in course result was ok all along wit 11point and d second in course was 12point and at d final exam, I did not scored up to 1point and I was later told dat dey said d lecturers did not strictly follow d syllabus after I paid a huge amount of #300,000 + almost 20,000 for form and house rent of #70,000 + feeding money for 1yr in which I spend close to 500,000 and at d end dey are now telling me dey did not follow d syllabus. Intact dey need to do something on did or something else will happen.

  7. hello jupeb i registerted for the 2017/2018 jupeb programme in uniben i want to clarify how many subjects would be written in the entrance examination and what subjects are they

  8. hello. I just got a jupeb form. I don’t know what next I am to wait for. I don’t know if they have entrance exam and when it’s going to be.meanwhile I am going to attend the jupeb in . thanks

  9. I just register for jupeb dis year 2017,bt i wanna ask concerning d release of d exam result.if d result is release after d direct entry form and u fill in for a course bt after d result of d jupeb examination id out and u couldnt reach d desire cut off mark for that course and direct form is close then,WAT CAN I DO?

    1. That y u shud choose a less competitive course now. On ur Direct entry form u ar allowd to choose 2 courses. U can put an educational course so u hav a higher chance of gettin in

    2. Am interested in the answer pls reply. My son currently have same issue. Applied for Med. Surg but got 10points instead of 12points. Filled Med.surg on direct entry form. Can he be offered another course?

  10. Is this year’s jupeb result going to meet the Direct entry form? Please i really need an urgent answer on this one

      1. I don’t think so coz ve been trying my best here to get also…..buh can u link me up so we can chat nd get to knw u

  11. Good evening, please how many years is our jupeb result valid. I wrote my jupeb exam with this 2015/2016 set this june 2016 and i came out with 14 points which is not enough to gain admission into my desired institution and course, I would like to find out the possibility of me applying next year into another institution grough DE using my result of this year and the possibility of me getting the admission there. Thank you.

    1. JUPEB result does not expires. You can make use of it as many times as you want. Yes, you can apply to another institution next year with the result

  12. Hello Jupeb,
    I registered for the programm through uniben do I need to reprint my slip, because there is no date and centre on my slip.And do I also have to write jamb again after I’m through with the programm .

  13. Hi JUPEB, can I still gain admission into unilag, without recieving lectures in unilag, but in another study center here in lagos, cos I missed their form?

  14. Hi , I would like to know if I can change my school of choice by purchasing a new DE form … I got 13 points at the last Jupeb exam but Unilag is saying 16pts and I want to change my school of choice and apply to LASU for medicine . How do I go about it , please I would like some help with the steps I should take .

  15. Pls, how much is lasu jupeb tuition and can I obtain 2 direct entry forms at the end of the program and choose different universities just to increase my chance of admission?

  16. pls jupeb can a combination of the following subjects;Government commerce and economics go for business administration for entrance examination,thank you.

  17. Hello jupeb,please i need to know can i get an admission into oau if i used it as my second choice and i got more than 13 points?

  18. helo jupeb,i wuld lyk 2 knw wen unn date for the exams wil commence bcause i ve dne all the necessary registration bt stil dnt ve an idea of wen the exams date wil b out

    1. It depends on where you register the programme. Some centres require entrance examinations while others give automatic admission

  19. WHICH date and place should i start attending lecture and when is the date of uniben exam also the time table i just rededsted three (3) days ago

    1. Yes, Uniben does. After you registered through them, I think the next procedure must be sent to you, just like we do here. Though we do not conduct entrance examination for those who register through us

  20. Please will it be 100% sure that if i do my jupeb programme at funai,ebonyi state i gain admission into unilag to study my dentistry and is there and entrance exam for jupeb candidate,i will also like to know the cost of jupeb tuition fee in funai cos i think it will be less expensive than unilag that is why is choose funai to unilag.but will still like to study my dentistry in unilag

        1. It depends on how you choose to register for JUPEB. IF you register through us, no entrance exams. But if you register through a university portal, there is always an entrance exam.

  21. OK…….I registered through jupeb not gotten any information yet…waiting for it. in order to confirm if their will be entrance exam….cos the past question I saw it OBJ and theory .

    1. Is all depend on where you choose to register the programme. Most federal universities who run the programme do conduct and entrance exams

  22. Please do I need jamb for jupeb and is there anything like entrance examination into jupeb lectures and when I apply for the jamb will I write the exams again…

  23. On how many subjects would the DE entry minimum marks be based using jupeb result, that is how many subjects will make up the minimum 13 marks for medicine – is it 3 or 4 subjects? Thank you

    1. Unilag determines when the result will be released. So also we at JUPEB.com.ng do not know when the result will be released. But I can assure you that if not next week, then that will be September unfailingly.

  24. Good day JUPEB, I am in Ebonyi state and wanted to do the programme at UI, I there anyway I can register here instead of going ti Ibadan?

  25. Hello
    When does registration for this year begin and end for 2017 session? Also can the syllable be uploaded here?

    1. We now offer JUPEB registration at JUPEB.com.ng .You can follow the procedure to register your JUPEB programme (We do not promote any university JUPEB programme than others here for now(Where you attend your JUPEB lectures/programme do not matter. Candidates can study somewhere else and go and use the certificate/result in another university entirely different from the centre such student have gone through the programme. Print JUPEB form here and chose any of the closest centre to you then follow the other procedures.

  26. Do all schools(UNN precisely) conduct an entrance exam for JUPEB students before the actual program starts like Unilag does? I’m very concerned about this

    1. Not all school centres make entrance exams compulsory. But unilag and UNN does.

      We now offer JUPEB registration at JUPEB.com.ng .You can follow the procedure to register your JUPEB programme (We do not promote any university JUPEB programme than others here for now(Where you attend your JUPEB lectures/programme do not matter. Candidates can study somewhere else and go and use the certificate/result in another university entirely different from the centre such student have gone through the programme. Print JUPEB form here and chose any of the closest centre to you then follow the other procedures.

  27. How much is uniben jupeb fees and also how can I get hold of the past questions for the entrance exam and what subject will be offered during the entrance

  28. i’m about to get the form in uniben,,,law would be my 1st choice,,while english will be my 2nd choice,,,,,,if i don’t get the point for law,,,how will i get admitted with my second choice””English””
    2ndly,,,,how will i prepare for the entrance exam????..no past questions,,no syllabus nothing nothing,and i learnt the entrance exam is usually hard,,,,,i’m just scared!!!!!

    1. In the Direct Entry form, if I am right, there is first choice and second choice course. Most universities automatically transferred you to the department where your points can get you a slot

  29. please,,,is it hard to get that 13points???????,,, i’m going for law and i learnt that’s their minimum point.
    i’m a kind of scared if i can make it..

  30. Good pm I chose unizik in my d.e form and have gone 2 submit it at jamb office already, now my parents want me to change to unilag. Is it still possible fore to change?

  31. Is jupeb form still available, am just seeing it today and can i still register next week Wednesday ?
    Does mautec accept jupeb ?
    Subject combination for information technology ?

  32. Hello jupeb… Pls I just got d form for d 2016/2017 basic program.. My screening exam was scheduled for 7th of September..nd wen I checked online dey said it was on d 4th of August…. Just wanted to find out d correct dare for d screening… Nd I also wanted to ask if it’s gonna be lyk a test… Nd if derr is any way I could get d past questions for it…


  33. Please I have be looking for the past question so I can buy but I don’t no were to buy it please if u can send it to me I will be grateful (commercial course) thanks….

  34. will our result be sent to us through our phones or we have to check for it. Also when will we know the date for the result to be realised?

    1. You can purchase any JUPEB application from any centre anywhere you are in Nigeria. Just visit Uniben JUPEB page on their official website

  35. How much is unilag jupeb fees and where is the centre located. Are they writing entrance examination.

  36. When is uniben 2016/17 jupeb form be out? Pls I need information on diz. I dnt it to pass me bye. Thanks

    1. Wishing you success. For now, precise date is what we cannot say, once is out you will be the first to know, trust me

    1. D.E means Direct Entry. It is a means of gaining admission into 200 level into Nigerian universities

  37. please is it true that jupeb is only 75% and our incourse and mock is 15% . and please How many marks does the practical carry.

  38. Hello JUPEB,
    since the objectives are 50 and the theory is to be scored over 60
    Together that’s 110
    How is it calculated?

    1. Some papers are 60 questions, other are 50 while some are 40 questions. It varies. We believe JUPEB board has in house method to mark students

  39. Hello there, i heard all private universities accept JUPEB result. Is it compulsory to put them on your D. E form, or do they accept regardless?

  40. Hello there, i heard all private universities accept jupeb result. Do we need to put them on the D. E form, or do they accept regardless?

    1. Not 100 % theory. It is a objective of about 40 to 60 questions. Please check the JUPEB past question for more understanding. This page is still under review

  41. The timetable would be well appreciated right about now please,I am a Unilag Foundation student.

  42. pls how sure are we, that we will gain admission even when we have good grades/ points…
    God bless jupeb

    1. Yes, OAU accept JUPEB for medicine, but you need to have a minimum of 13 points in your JUPB result

  43. good morning jupeb,pls there is a rumour that the jupeb exam has shifted to August 2016,pls is it true?

    1. JUPEB exam shifted? Sincerely we cannot confirm that, definitely we will update you, once is confirmed. But for now, continue reading for your exams. Goodluck. Thanks

    1. Hello Stanley, currently JUPEB affiliated universities do not have the number of admission that must come up from JUPEB programme. What you need to do, is to study hard so that you can come out with good points and use it to gain admission into Nigerian universities of your choice that does accepts JUPEB result

    1. WE have provided this table to help you.

      Scores Grades Points
      70% – 100% A 5 Points
      60% – 69% B 4 Points
      50% – 59% C 3 Points
      45% – 49% D 2 Points
      40% – 44% E 1 point
      39% and below F 0 point

  44. Concerning the DE form, what is the probability of gaining admission(2nd choice) ,since most universities do not accept second choice?

    1. Take note that 90% of state universities accept second choice, while all private universities accept second choice. Again, you can choose not too competitive course in another federal university that accept JUPEB and make that as your second choice. Wishing you good luck Titi

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