How JUPEB Grades, Scores And Points Are Calculated

How JUPEB Grades, Scares And Points Are Calculated

If you are about to sit for JUPEB examination and you are wondering how much percentage you need to have to get A which literally stands for excellent and B for very good etc. This our updates will try to give an answer to this question.


Below is a detailed explanation of how points are computed in JUPEB;

In fig 1.1; For a student that register for (3) Subjects with grade such as Physics (A); Chemistry (B); then Biology (C), the total number of points scored is calculated as follows; English is a general course in JUPEB, so is not included.

Scores Grades Points
70% – 100% A 5 Points
60% – 69% B 4 Points
50% – 59% C 3 Points
45% – 49% D 2 Points
40% – 44% E 1 Point
39% and Below F 0 Point


Subject Grade
Physics A
Chemistry B
Biology C
Total 12 Points

fig 1.2

More Information On JUPEB Grades, Points And Score

Furthermore, many universities have stipulated minimum of passes (i.e. grades E) in two(2) subjects among the three(3) subjects on offer, you will realise that general performance in the examination rather suggests these universities admit students with higher grades. Hence, it is of utmost important that students concentrate their efforts to secure sufficient scores to grants higher chances of using JUPEB result for admission in the JUPEB affiliated universities

And if you have received your result, but you do not know how many points required for the choice of the course you want to study at your desired university, you are advised to go through JUPEB cut off marks/ points for universities admission for all courses in Nigerian universities. After the completion of your examination, provided all other things being equal, the result should be released after three months of the examination. Go through instructions to check your JUPEB result


  1. Pls my daughter enrolled for 2017 uniben jupeb nd has chosen pharmacy.what point should she aim at to gain admission into 200 level,so that she can work towards it ?

  2. Hello admin, my details appeared when I checked the result portal but there are grades, I really want to know why It’s like that because I’m getting violent about it. Thanks

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  4. majority of us av lost forgotten exams no nd center…Please kindly send my complete exams which start with 70560083 but I don’t know Wat end it?

  5. Pls are all jupeb appilicants partaking in another exam for 2017 /2018 session & if so what are d conditions & subjects to be offered

    1. Of course you can apply to Unilag, and your chance is no different with the person that did it at Lagos with the same point you have

  6. pls i would like to know i got 14 points for medicine and surgery in UNN am i good to go or do i still need to worry

  7. Pls ma/sir I want to pick the form this week,for next yr studies.I want to ask if jupeb has entrace exams.I don’t know very much about the program pls

  8. Good day Ma/sir.Am Nehita, Pls what is the cut off mark for nursing and pls when is the final exam results going to be released.tnx

  9. pls can a student dat has 7 points nd didn’t meet his/her course cutoff ..switch to another course dat z 7points..pls reply

  10. Please is jupeb 100 percent guaranty to gain admission direct to 200level and how much is the school fee for both semester

  11. pls jupeb I just registered for the program and would like to inquire How the entrance exams are being conducted and how I can get their past questions

  12. Pls ma/sir …how do they calculate the entrance exam result and I also heard calculator is not allowed, are we allowed to use the computer calculator am an aspirant this year for Unilag..pls reply urgently thank you

  13. Are the cutoff marks set by individual universities or are they general for all? What I mean is that if unilag cutoff for medicine is 13 points must it be same for others whether federal, state or private?

    1. NO. Each university has their cut off marks for each course. Any cutoff marks you see are based on average cut off marks being accepted by individual universities

    1. If you were a JUPEB student and you owned Uniben exam fee during your programme, you are the one delaying the result. Tell your friends to tell their friends to go and pay up their JUPEB fees, or else the result will take forever to be released as you have rightly said

  14. Pls i had CCF and applied for cell biology nd genetics in unilag. Pls what are my chances? And also i want to request for my script to be remarked. Is that possible?

  15. why has Uniben not yet release the final result for 2015/2016 jupeb exams? other schools have release their own.

  16. Good day sir/ma, please what are the chances of a student who scored 13 points and applied for Medicine and surgery in UNN.

  17. Please is it possible to buy two direct entry forms(I, e for jupeb and a’levels).
    Please reply it is urgent

  18. plz i hv a question jupeb, re we goin to write an entrace examination or we would jez resume wen called… pls reply i need to prepare

  19. sir jupeb i hve registered for jupeb 2016/2017 with my waec result. i am a mediine aspirants and unfortunately my biology in my waec result is outstanding but the rest i credited them. with such a condition should still apply with my waec result or with awaiting result as i wrote neco. please i need ur urgent reply

  20. Good day sir. I didn’t buy D.E form. What if I score the required point for my course. Will I be given admission without buying D.E form? Pls respond its urgent

  21. Please i forgot to write my exam number in one of the subject during the final exam but i wrote my name…….please any problem?

  22. Chikeze…. nobody knows oo.we are still waiting anxiously just like you…see just be expecting it September…me I have lots hope it would be out this week since jupeb doesn’t want to give us any update yet reasons that we don’t know that I think we should know as candidate of 2015/2016 jupeb …so may come out early September or late August…

      1. Please i forgot to write my exam no in one of subject in the final exam but i wrote my name…..please any problem?

  23. good day sir,I am planning on picking the jupeb form for 2016. I would like to inquire as to whether I can write scholarship administered to 100level students while am in the program

  24. please i need your help i wanted to study nursing,but was mistankely given (edu)BCP.but i later change it to nursing in my direct entry form will i be considered for the admission

  25. Please when will jupeb result be out.
    Also is it possible to change your institution after the release of the result.

    1. Unilag determines when the result will be released. So also we at do not know when the result will be released. But I can assure you that if not next week, then that will be September unfailingly.

    1. Unilag determines when the result will be released. So also we at do not know when the result will be released. But I can assure you that if not next week, then that will be September unfailingly.

    1. Another course will be offered to him or the second course chosen by the candidate while applying with JAMB Direct entry form

    1. Unilag determines when the result will be released. So also we at do not know when the result will be released finally. But I can assure you that if not next week, then that will be September unfailingly.

    1. Whether Unilag or any other center. The exam questions are the same. And they are in combination of Theory, objectives and practicals for science students

  26. Hello pls reply me.
    I registered for law_jupeb and when I bought my Direct entry form I had a change of heart and filled history as my study course. Would I be given history to study in my selected school or law? And also what if i don’t get up to 13points and I get like 6 would I be given admission to study any course?

  27. can i change my choice of university after jupeb result is out, and does UNN accept medicine and surgery student direct entry student, cause on your website you mentioned various universities but not UNN.

  28. plz if someone obtain jupeb cert with a poit cosiderable to his course of choice, is the person going to write another direct entry exam? Thanks

  29. Plz am an Aspirant of 2016/2017 of jupeb student av paid my 15,000 for form but I wasn’t provided a space to fill in my Biodata and av printed out…pls what can I do to thz..?am confused here

  30. Sir, i used my uniben registration number instead of my jupeb no and i also used awaiting result will i stil get admission

  31. pls jupeb i need an urgent answer. as a jupeb students entering 200 level direct without going through 100 level. what will be my g.p ? pls

  32. Please is the direct entry form for uniben out? And is it compulsory for jupeb students in uniben to write direct entry exam, knowing that the result isn’t out yet?

    1. You mean screening rather. You get direct entry form from JAMB office/website/ accredited centres not from Uniben..and is out

  33. am by name Akaason frm Uniben, if for instance,one applied for a 13 point course and luckily have 12 point, wats d person’s fate

  34. Good day sir,
    Where I registered my DE since we have not been given our examination number before we process the form.
    we used our admission number the school gave us.
    please does it have any negative implication?

  35. Please would a grade point of 10-11points be suitable for admission into JUPEB Affiliated Federal Universities(UNIBEN, UNILAG e.t.c.) , State or Private Universities to study Computer Science, Please kindly answer

  36. Good day Ma/Sir, Please kindly upload the respective syllabus, Writing the foundation entrance exam and I need to know what angles to study from.. Thank you!

  37. I made a mistake in my exam number when filling my de form I started with 5119 instead of 6119 and have gone to submit it at jamb office. Please ma/sir is there anything I can do about it am just so scared and confused here

    1. This is serious. How can you make such big mistake. We think, you should go and complain if they can help you or you have to buy another D.E form, and this time around, do not make any other important mistake like that. Goodluck

  38. Please would a grade point of 10-11points be suitable for admission into Federal, State or Private Universities to study Computer Scienc

  39. Please would a grade point of 10-11points be suitable for admission into Federal, State or Private Universities to study Computer Science

  40. Good morning.. pls I’ll like to clear this air of points calculation… if a candidate gets for example ABF which in write sum gives 9 points.. does it imply that he still has he’s 9 points and can gain admission or that he has lost both the total points due to the F score and can no longer gain admission.. in general. I’ll just like to know the implication of getting an F whatsoever, even if the rest two are AA

  41. hello, pls I want to be sure.. if someone has a grade point such as ABF.. does it inquire that he has, 9 points still and can be considered for admission.. or the F has forfeited the remaining grades A and B.. and he/she can’t get considered for admission

    1. ABF = is 9 points. F does not disqualify you at all, you still very good to gain admission with 9 points in JUPEB

  42. ʝʊքɛɮ քʟʐ I աaռt tօ ҡռօա աɦat aʀɛ օʊʀ ċɦaռċɛs ɨռ ɢɛttɨռɢ aɖʍɨssɨօռ ɨռ ʊռɨɮɛռ sɨռċɛ ɨt ɨs tɦɛ ʄɨʀst tɨʍɛ

  43. Good day ma/sir now that post putme has been cancelled are we still going to write direct entry putme after getting our direct entry form?

    1. There is nothing like Direct entry post UTME, maybe all entrance exams will be cancelled totally and the and admission through JUPEB will solely base on JUPEB points students were able to attain on their results

  44. Goodday, JUPEB thanks for your reply, but i have a question to ask, in the past questions provided i didn’t see short answer question because i have 2014 JUPEB past question and short answer questions were provided which students were told to answer all.

  45. Goodday, Please i want to inquire if additional 1point would be added to our JUPEB final score at all JUPEB Affiliated Universities(UNIBEN inclusive) or is the 1point just for UNILAG students. Please Kindly reply

  46. Goodday, My name is Godswill, a UNIBEN JUPEB student, this is the first time UNIBEN is conducting JUPEB i have just four questions which i need your answers please:
    1. I registered for Direct Entry and i inputed UNIBEN as my first and second choice university, so i could have a better chance of gaining admission but UNIBEN are telling us we must have 3 AAA’s to be given admission, is this possible or are UNIBEN just saying it to spur us to read more, am a bit scared now but is it still possible for me to apply to another university which i did not fill in my Direct Entry form
    2. I would need the JUPEB Past question also, for revision towards the exam, Thanks
    3. How long does it take for JUPEB result to be released after the FINAL EXAM
    4. Do you have an idea of the marking scheme for JUPEB, i mean an idea of the mark attached to SCHOOLS, PRACTICALS AND FINAL EXAMS.

    Kindly reply,,
    Thanks a lot

    1. Will answer your questions in straight to the point approach

      1. I am sure they are just telling you to be more serious in reading your books. Admission is available for those who have 5 points and above just that each course has a minimum point you can use to gain admission for that course. For more information read JUPEB Cut Off Marks For Nigerian Universities Admission

      2. Download the JUPEB past questions there

      3. It shouldn’t be more than a month, normally within 3 weeks.

      4. The test is 30 marks which will be conducted at the centre where you receiving your JUPEB lectures, while the exam plus practicals is 70 marks, that is being conducted by JUPEB board supervised by Unilag. Please more about JUPEB

      1. in unilag 16 points is ur only guarantee to get medicine, it isn’t 13 and do they use the incourse and mock assessment

    1. my name is henry,jupeb I just Have only one question if I go for a science course in this your program biological sience. an I score up to the court of mark of medcine can I change my course to nursing is it possible. because biological science and medicine do desame course in this your program.

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