Go For JUPEB Before JAMB

Tired of JAMB, or you are just confused which programme to go for in other to find the admission more easier, we advice that you should go for any of the A’level programme. But pecisely if your parents/guardian has the resource and you as a person is ready to read. JUPEB has many advantages than JAMB, and that is why we are here today for you as a student to know more about this programme before creating a profile at JAMB

This is the modern technique by which those who has the means and resource gain admission into Nigerian tertiary education with no stress as of today. Yes, people now write JUPEB before even thinking of JAMB.

The reasons are not far-fetched, this is the most surest means today to gain admission without wasting any year at home, or being frustrated by JAMB. According to our research, average Nigerian secondary leavers write JAMB
three times before gaining admission to the university of their choice.
before gaining admission to the university of their choice.

Today, we might not here to prove facts, we are here to tell you reasons secondary school leavers need to write the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board before writing the JAMB at all if needs be. When you see a student whom you finished at the same secondary school, the same year now at 200 level and you know that JAMB does not accept awaiting result. You, as a distant friend begins to wonder how come.
Wonder no more, the reason why he/she is now in 200 level is because that your so friend has gone to enrol in an A’level programme like JUPEB, and used the result to apply for his/her university of choice. And we are here to explain today, what the programme is all about, and how you can use the same result to gain admission, and by next year November, you too must have been in 200 level.

Why You Need To Write JUPEB Before Even Before Creating JAMB Profile

Most O’level leavers do not even know any program called A’ level. A level program means an Advanced programme, and the most common A’ level programs in Nigeria as of today are JUPEB, Cambridge A Level, IJMB and NABTEB A Level.
These programmes when run by a student, such student has the opportunity to combine the result with Direct Entry form that is obtainable at JAMB office and banks and used it to gain admission into any of the candidate  choices of university, and now he/she gains admission into 200 level and they can study any course being Medicine, Law, Accounting etc.
Furthermore, why we are here today is because of JUPEB, JUPEB is a 9-month programme, the programmes is moderated and supervised by Unilag. The exam is usually June every year, and the result is released between late August or early September. Again, lectures usually commence between September and October every year.

Why You Need To Write JUPEB First Before JAMB

Now that the JAMB do not accept awaiting result, most O’ level leavers who do not know JUPEB or any of the A’ Level, ending up wasting the opportunity they have to apply for JUPEB in order to admission with JUPEB result the following year into 200 level, and by this means they waste no time at home at all. So the number reason is that you do not have waste any time at home
Secondly, the chances of students to gain admission into 200 level is higher than JAMB we have over 1.5 Million competing for few spaces every year but with JUPEB, only a few people use Direct Entry form. It is far less competitive.
Furthermore, when you wait for the following year to write JAMB, if you refuse to go for JUPEB program, the chances candidates have to gain admission with JAMB is less than 50%. But when you write JUPEB first (immediately you finished secondary school) is more than 80%. At least, 80% of people who write JUPEB every does use it to gain admission.
When you are lucky to know about JUPEB and apply for the program, your result has 90% to be better than those who use JAMB, because your CGPA start counting from 200 level unlike those who their CGPA starts counting from 100 level. Greater chances of graduating with 2.1 (Second class upper)
Again, applying with JUPEB result does not automatically stop from applying with JAMB also. So when yo are done with your WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB examinations and you decided to go for JUPEB, when you are done and you come out with a good point from JUPEB. And decided to buy your Direct Entry form from bank/JAMB office. It does not stop you from buying JAMB form also. So why you are using JUPEB result in one hand, you are using JAMB form in another. So one must click. But does it necessary? Your answer.
Another thing we must mention here before telling you steps to register for JUPEB is that with your Direct Entry form, you can apply to as many universities as you want. Up to 6 universities (If you buy 3 Direct Entry forms), But do you need that? Your answer
When you are in 200 level, there is no different between those who use JUPEB and JAMB to gain admission.
JUPEB gives you first-hand experience of Campus life, hostel and different people from different states, region and religon.
Parents should start encouraging their wards to go for JUPEB first, before thinking of writing JAMB if at all he/she must write one.

Benefits Of Writing JAMB Before JUPEB

Sorry, is there any benefitting of writing JAMB before JUPEB? I do not know of any, but now I remember one. The one I remember will just make you like every other 1.5 million who write JAMB every year and 990,000 who does not use it to gain admission into the university of every year.

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