JUPEB FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board – JUPEB frequently asked questions, in which we are trying to give the best possible solutions/answers to the questions and to your miseries about JUPEB

Q1. What is JUPEB?

A. JUPEB means Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board . It is a programme spearheaded by University of Lagos (Unilag) to give O’level graduates and those who have found JAMB difficult in using it as a means of gaining admission. So is serves as one of the best alternatives to JAMB. JUPEB takes you into 200 level of any university of your choice. For more information read What is JUPEB

Q2. Is It Only Unilag That Offers The Programme?

A. No, is not only Unilag that offers the programme, as a matter of fact about 70% of Southern Nigerian universities accept the result of JUPEB to gain admission into 200 level. JUPEB have affiliated universities, and these affiliates universities not accept the result, but they have the approval to have their own centre of JUPEB to run the programme.

Q3. Is It Only The Centre I Did programme I Can Use The Result?

A. No, you can use the result anywhere you want, even though you have done the programme somewhere else. You must have done the programme in Ilorin, and decide to use it to gain admission into University of Lagos, you have done the programme in Lagos centre and decide to use it to gain admission at Delta State University (Delsu)

Q4. Does JUPEB Result Expires?

A. JUPEB result does not expire immediately, it takes 3 years after the program before it expires. After which you can’t use it for university admission again even though you will present during many certificate clearance in the future.

Q5.  How Can I use JUPEB To Gain Admission Into University Of My Choice?

A. Once you are through with the programme, you will only need to combine the JUPEB result with Direct Entry form, and follow the instructions on JAMB website about the Direct Entry form. You need to be updated when Direct Entry form will be out so that you buy your direct entry form early to avoid late registration to your best university

Q6. What Is The Duration Of JUPEB?

A . JUPEB spans 10 months of two semesters, which is 5 months for each semester. At the end of each semester, JUPEB students would write Continuous assessment test and a final examination. It is these examinations that would be computed as their final examinations.
While the test is 30 marks and the examinations are 70 marks. So candidates are advised to take their continuous assessment serious not only during the examination.

Q6. Q. Does Unilag Accepts JUPEB?

A. Yes, Unilag accepts JUPEB programme

 Q7. Can I Use Awaiting Result To Apply For JUPEB?

A. Yes, you can use awaiting result to apply for JUPEB programme

Q8. What is the Official JUPEB website?

A. The official JUPEB website is www.JUPEB.edu.ng

Q9. Who are we at www.jupebonline.com?

A. We are a registered private educational consultant, and we associate ourselves with any Alevel programme that we think is worth it. JUPEB is a good programme which we are proud to associate with. We registered JUPEB Alevel Registration as a business name with CAC to make JUPEB registration easy for candidates and study the programme in any of the study centres or any university that partner with us as a private body.

Q8. Should I Go For Public Or Private JUPEB Centres?

A. That depend on you and your finances, private JUPEB centres price might be a little higher than public centres, but the method of teaching would definitely be different. So if you have the money, go for private. Our reasons being that

1. You will have less populate students for each class, wish to help the lecturers to interact one to one to know the area of deficiency. 

2. Your practicals would purely be practicals, what we mean that is that there would be enough laboratory equipment that would go round for students to study.

3. You have enough space in your hostels and less unnecessary distractions from other activities that are not JUPEB base.

4. Your hostels most times within the area where you are receiving lectures, so you have less stress after lectures

Disadvantage Of Private JUPEB Centres are.

1. You might not have any approve JUPEB centres in your state/area. so you might need to travel from your parent’s roof.

2. The lectures might be too much since no private centres we want their candidates to fail, and the only way they can do this is by intensive lecturing and monitoring

3. You do not have much freedom like JUPEB public centres.

Do you still have a question? please type it below, we will try to answer your questions as fast as possible

Please read below the various frequently asked question about JUPEB in other to have better understanding and not to fall victim of scam, fraudulent website or misinformation. If you are new to the understanding of JUPEB, please read What is JUPEB & How to Register, or read further if you already have knowledge of the programme.

  • Does JUPEB have an Official Website?

Yes, visit http://www.jupeb.edu.ng. Any other websites who claims to be JUPEB official website is only looking for victims to scam and defraud, so be warned. JUPEB Consultancy Services serve as a registered educational agency partnering with various JUPEB affiliate centres nationwide, with the sole aim of reffering interested JUPEB applicants to the JUPEB affiliate centre that is closer to their location.

  • How Long is my JUPEB result Valid for admission?

JUPEB certificate or result is tenable within (3) three admission years i.e. if the examination is written in 20X0, it is usable for 20X0, 20XI & 20X2. However, the JUPEB certificate remains a valid document for a life time.

  • Why do we have so many JUPEB examination failure?

This is caused by applicants refusal to study in a genuine JUPEB affiliate center either due to Ignorance, distance or financial budget.

  • How long does it take to complete the JUPEB Programme?

The programme is normally for a duration of one academic session.

  • When is the JUPEB examination written?

The Examination is written in June every year.

  • Can I register for JUPEB exam directly at the JUPEB office?

No, all candidates for JUPEB examinations are expected to register through the JUPEB affiliate centre.

  • Where is the JUPEB examination written?

The Examination is written in the JUPEB approved university centres nationwide.

  • When are the JUPEB examination results released?

The results are released in August every year.

  • When the JUPEB examination result is out, will it be sent to every candidate?

Results are released to the university centres and candidates are to collect their statement of results from their centres.

  • Can I view and print my result online?

Results are available on the JUPEB website 3 months after it has been released.

  • How are the JUPEB examination results graded?

A= 5 points, B= 4 points, C= 3 points, D= 2 points, E= 1 point, F= 0 point (failed grade).
1 additional point is added when a candidate scores A, B, C, D or E in all the three subjects e.g. a candidate with B, D, C has 10 points.

  • If I pass the JUPEB examination, what is my entry point into the university?

A candidate who passes JUPEB examination is given a direct entry admission into 200 level in a Nigerian University.

  • Do I have to obtain a Direct Entry Form from JAMB to process my admission if I want to use the JUPEB results?


  • Can I obtain a Direct Entry Form from JAMB the same year I write the JUPEB examination?


  • Can I gain Direct Entry admission into a university different from the university where I registered for JUPEB?

Yes, provided that:
i. the university accepts JUPEB results
ii. you meet up with the University’s cutoff point for your choice course of study.

  • Is the JUPEB result accepted in universities outside Nigeria?


  • Where can I get my JUPEB certificate?

From the university centre where you registered for the examination.

  • Can I write the JUPEB examination more than once?

Yes, if a candidate does not make the desired grades in the examination, he/she can rewrite the examination in another year.

  • Can I combine two JUPEB Examination results for admission?


  • Does JUPEB give transcript?

No, JUPEB only gives certificates.

  • Can my JUPEB result be sent to other institutions?

Yes, you will send a request to [email protected] and your request will attract fees.

  • How can I send my result from JUPEB to a university outside Nigeria?

You will send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] to the Registrar/Chief Executive Officer stating the following:
i. Your name
ii. Your gender
iii. JUPEB examination number
iv. JUPEB examination centre
v. JUPEB subjects and grades
vi. The examination Year
vii. Your contact information
viii. The address of the university outside Nigeria.

  • Why do we have different JUPEB websites online?

It shoud be noted that JUPEB is moderated by University of Lagos, thus in a way to spread the operationability and acceptability of the programme, It thereby gives affiliation to different other institutions among affiliates centers nationwide. Therefore giving rise to different JUPEB affiliates, and every of this affiliates strifes to own a website in other to promote their own JUPEB programme so as to get students registered.

However, not all these study centres or website(s) are accredited or affiliated to be operating the programme. It is for this reason we advise applicant to visit any of the JUPEB approved university centres official website to register for the programme. Also, prospective applicant of the programme can as well register with us, as we only partner with genuine study centers nationwide which is closer to applicant location among other benefits.

  • Why do we have different JUPEB numbers online giving diverse information?

As explained above, with various websites springing up everyday you are mostly likely to be seeing different numbers online giving you diverse information about the programme. Therefore be wary of numbers to call outside your preferred JUPEB university website or our website, as you are most likely to be a victim of scam or fraudulent act. Thus, you are however advised to direct all your enquiries, supports or complaints only to your preferred JUPEB university website or our helplines on 0700-JUPEBCONNECT or 07082684368.

  • How do i know genuine JUPEB affiliate centres or website?

Only the National Universities Commission (NUC) approved universities are permitted to take JUPEB examination after such university has been duly affiliated to JUPEB. It is for this reason JUPEB Consultancy Services only partner with genuine affiliate centers nationwide. Thus, prospective aspirants are advised to register with us online to any of these our partnering centres within their proximity.

  • Why do i recieve sms of different bank accounts for JUPEB registration?

Most often than none, this is because you have called and spoken with different IJMB numbers online, thereby giving you diverse information. You are warned never to pay any amount, no matter how small to personal account e.g Mr. Ebong Chinke, but pay only to account name which bears corresponding name as of the organisation..

  • How many JUPEB study centre exist in a states/city?

More often than none, more than one JUPEB affiliate centres exists in a state.

  • I was told UNILAG is the only accredited JUPEB institution?

No, their is no iota of truth in it. JUPEB partnering institution amongst other affiliates centres operates in different locations nationwide.

  • I want to study at UNILORIN, does it mean my study centre has to be in Ilorin?

No, please note that JUPEB programme leading to the award of its certificate can be run at any location and be used for admission at any preferred university nationwide.

  • How do I register for the JUPEB programme?

Interested candidates can register with us to any of our partnering affiliate centers nationwide. To register, candidates are required to follow the procedures at our Register Now page. The programme can also be applied for in any of the JUPEB Affiliates Universities that presently recognized it, prospective candidates are to visit the official website of the interested universities for registration instructions.

  • I already applied for JAMB, can i still apply for JUPEB?

Yes, this give such applicants multiple choice of admission.

  • How guaranteed is the admission into 200level?

Basically, JUPEB is for the serious students, as yearly more than 70% of students who registered with us succesfully secure admission into their preferred university and course. Therefore, admission is most certain so long a student meets the required point for the preferred university admission and course. Hence, our partnership with different institutions gives our applicants higher advantages.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Register and Study for JUPEB EXAM?

For registration and studying fees kindly refer to our JUPEB programme fees!

  • When am I to pay my tuition fee?

Tuition fee are to be paid either partly or in whole at applicant respective chosen affiliate centres upon arrival for clearance and/or resumption. Thus, we encourage applicants to have financial possession of their fees before the clearance and/or resumption date on their registration printout.

  • Why are your partnering study centres addresses not disclosed before registration?

This is so because, all our affiliate partnering centres has limited numbers of students that can be admitted. Thus, applicants are expected to choose a centre of his/her choice depending on the centres that are still available (i.e not yet filled up) at the time of their registration. Therefore, it is advisable for prospective candidates to register in time, in other to meet up to their desired study centre location.

  • How do i report JUPEB scam or fraud?

Kindly comment in details your ordeal by clicking here or write to us at [email protected]. We would look into it and forward to the appropriate channel.