JUPEB Requirements For Registration & How JUPEB Works

Many people might want to register for JUPEB and they are looking for the JUPEB requirements. Well, below are what JUPEB required and those things currently not required by the JUPEB registration, you will be able to know how JUPEB works with it’s the requirement for registration


JUPEB Requirements

  • 4 passports
  • Ordinary Level result (O’level result)
  • Awaiting O’level result is also acceptable
  • And your time ( JUPEB is a full-time program, and no you cannot write the Exam alone without attending lectures
  • Inform your parents as they must give their blessings
  • WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB are accepted into the programme
  • Maximum of two sittings with 5 credits
  • Medicine students should be aware that most universities will not accept two sittings for Medicine and Surgery at the university

What JUPEB Does Not Require

  • You do not need a written letter from your parents, their awareness and blessings are enough and of course be able to sponsor you
  • You do not need state of origin certificate ( You need it when you want to gain admission into the university
  • You do not need your pastor/Iman approval
  • You do not need JAMB score/JAMB is not necessary
  • You do not need Post UTME Score to gain admission to run JUPEB, of course, you will need it when you want to gain admission
  • JUPEB does not require a birth certificate ( you might need it in some universities when you want to gain admission
Some other things to consider as a person who is interested in the JUPEB programme
  1. You can decide to register for JAMB while you are also registering for JUPEB or doing the programme
  2. You buy D.E form same year you are writing your examination, with the current JAMB calendar, you do not wait till you write your JUPEB exam before you buy the D.E but buy it anytime is out the same year you are writing the examination. For example, if I am writing the final JUPEB examination in 2021 February, and the JAMB D.E form is out by January 2021, I won’t need to wait till after the exam to write it, it might be too late then which might costly.
  3. JAMB has frown with practices of applying with D.E and at the same time registering for JAMB. So while is not advisable, if you must do, apply using a different email, different course and different institution.

To apply for JUPEB, inform your parents and explain to them what JUPEB is all about if they give their blessings and you have your JUPEB registration fee,  then start your JUPEB registration. Do Not start your JUPEB if don’t have the registration fee and have informed your parents as your data is automatically deleted within 24 hours if you do not complete the registration and pay for your registration fee.

Check the JUPEB registration form closing date for the JUPEB ongoing JUPEB registration

The above are the requirement for the JUPEB and please take note.

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