Check JUPEB Result 2022

How To Check Your JUPEB Result From JUPEB Official ResultPortal


To check your JUPEB result after the completion of the examination, JUPEB students need to visit the official JUPEB portal armed with their examination registration number.

Though candidates have the opportunity to check their results in two ways. The first one is to check the result from JUPEB portal and the second way to view your JUPEB final result is to get it from the school where you attend your JUPEB programme.

The result could be pasted on the wall of your department or the notice board of your faculty or anything related to something like

Also, where you receive your JUPEB lectures, the management of the school can decide to post the result on their official website pages meant for JUPEB candidates.

Candidates should note, you do not have to run your degree at the same centre/university you did your JUPEB programme, you can use your JUPEB result anywhere you want in Nigeria as long as such university is one the JUPEB affiliated universities or any universities that accepts JUPEB result

To check your JUPEB examination results, follow this procedure below

  1. Go directly to JUPEB result portal 
  2. Input your examination number on the first field
  3.  Input your surname(father’s name) on the second field
  4. Click the Check button below it
  5. Your result will be displayed to you. In the form of A, B, C, D, E and F which literally means 5 points, 4 points, 3 points, 2 points, 1 point and 0 points respectively. To know how to calculate your grade check JUPEB Grades, Scores And Points


  1. Good evening, Please jupeb IS dere an exam we need to write after d direct entry result IS released for 2017 and Please i will like to know what exam IS dat if dere IS. Thanks alot

  2. why is the grades and subjects not displaying on the result sheet.
    i just checked and i cant see my results

  3. how does someone go about his jupeb result, when he didn’t meet his cutoff mark? can he or she go to 100level aleast.

  4. Good site. But the candidates need to know precisely when the result will be out, particularly now that universities have began their admission process for 2017/18 session. This information will assist the candidates in planning. Awaiting response.

  5. Dear sir
    Since Internet has announced the release of JUPEB 2017 results, we have not been able to get the candidate scores. What’s really happening

  6. now direct entry is onsale and jupeb is not yet ready to release 2017 result what will i do should i purchase the form? when are you going to release the result please can some one tel me? thanks

  7. Is it important that we must input our name on our question papers
    I am not talking about the answer booklet coz we were told not to scribble anything on out question paper…hope this won’t affect us?

  8. Please I need urgent reply!!!

    Is jupeb to be scrapped?

    Because NUC has scrapped Sub degree programs!!!
    Don’t know if jupeb is A sub degree program. Do clarify that to me???

    1. No it won’t be scrapped. I believe what NUC wants is for you universities to concentrate on Degree programmes and leave programmes like IJMB, JUPEB NABTEB Alevels for advanced study centres and polytechnics while universities monitor and supervises the exams

  9. pls when is uniben jupeb entrance exam for 2016/17 going to be released?, because I can’t stand my parents disturbances any more pls help me out

  10. plz jupeb..I tried to check my result buh deyy insist I put in my exam number nd I don’t knw d number Hw can I get to knw d number…nd wen is d 2016/2017 admission list for jupeb be out..


  12. Jupeb I passed the final exam with 13points and I want to change my course to law
    Hw can I do it? Is it still possible??

  13. Those that did the programme in OOU and applied for Medicine were not admitted despite the fact that many made the required cut off. I had 16 points (AAA) which is the maximum number of points and I was still given Biochemistry. Now i am confused about what to do. Admin., is there anything that can be done about this?

  14. Are we supposed to write any exam in uniben now that our results are released? cos I’m hearing something about an exam for medical students

  15. Goodday sir, pls is NDU 2015/16 result out to chec? Bcox whenever I check the jupeb site it shows me thet the name and exam no is not found. Pls I need ur reply. Thanks.

  16. when is uniben releasing d result ooo my parent are on my neck oo by October all admission processing would b closed nd we are yet to c our result in uniben pls jupeb do something abt it put yourself in our shoes…. abeg, Biko, ejo, pls release our result

  17. jupeb what is actually going on, i am utterly dismay. i have just check my 2015/2016 jupeb exam result taken in unn from jupeb portal to my suprise the result was blank. no subject, no code and no grade were stated yet it was cleanly signed and dated. funny enough it bored the date of the particular day i checked that is today,s date (11/09/2016) and it even have my correct exam details. certainly this is confusing. i need cogent explaination. though iam yet to visit unn to check from the admin cause i reside far from enugu state.

    1. for students who took the exam in unn, u have to go to the school to check your result from the admin office and u should go with your ID card

  18. Please, for the love of God, is there any other way to apply to an institution without direct entry using jupeb result? It’s a yes or no thing. What is the difficulty in typing yes or no???

  19. Please hw can we report uniben for withholding our results…’s really annoying many of us do not even know our fates ……. for goodness sake I paid my school fees and exam fee on time what is it nw haba

    1. Tell your friends to tell their friends who are owning UNN JUPEB fees (exam especially) to pay up, that is the only thing I believe is delaying the result

  20. I do not understand. I am talking about the result of 2015/2016.
    Pls direct me properly how to print out my result from Jupeb site so that I can submit it at the University for admission screening.

  21. what is going on na, y is it dat uniben student hasn’t seen their result. pls JUPEB do something abt it nd pls also reply so we would know what is going on this one that u dnt reply is nt helping matters.

  22. I chose unilorin in my DE now they are telling me that unilorin does not accept jupeb and DE form is closed already… This is rubbish

  23. Hey pls is it possible to change your course after you see your result and it’s ranging with the cut off. Like changing from history to philosophy.

  24. Can someone please tell me why candidates from other centre hav seen their jupeb result while the candidates from uniben haven’t seen theirs ? JUPEB please i need an urgent answer

  25. what do you think was the mistake in your result, I’m suspecting a mistake in mine too. and where you eventually able to get the proof of result

  26. please jupeb who can one complain too if there’s a problem with your result? can the uploaded one be different from the pasted one?

  27. why is NDU not releasing our results nh. They r messing with our future and its unfair. every other school has released theirs….what is going on with NDU. please nh..anybody has any information about why NDU is yet to release our result? nawa o. Anybody that wants to go do jupeb in NDU should please think twice o. they are a set of unserious people. first wahala to wahala to release result. all s well

  28. Jupeb, during d exam, I forgot to write my name on my economics question paper before I summit it.
    Bcos in my center, they said we should write our name on our question papers and summit. Would this have any effect on paper ? Thanks for ur reply.

  29. Pls Mr JUPEB, is NDU results out ? My dad oh , hmmm! Am just tired .
    Sir pls no vex, when is NDU center goin to be out ? Thanks.

  30. how can report our center that has refused to release our results and still starved us of necessary information… this is our future

  31. @Jupeb, I put in mass communication as my first choice and psychology as my second choice. let say I didn’t make the cut off mark for mass communication but I did for psychology, will i still be given admission to study psychology or will I be given another course to study.

  32. @JUPEB, is it possible for me to call for the review of my exam scripts. If yes, how do i go about it? Thanks

  33. Uniben said most of y’all who didn’t pay exam fees are the cause. Jupeb hasn’t sent our results to them yet. So just be checking online till next week then I could go to the school.

  34. pls Jupeb do OAU accept 2nd choice cuz i chose them as my 2nd choice and do i need to submit my DE form @ d sch…i got 15points and unilag cutoff point for mbbs is 16…

  35. Please when will the result be updated online,isnt it better to get proof from jupeb directly than the school u did the program??

  36. Plz dats not true about wellspring,am from wellspring uni,and wev havnt gotten our result yet and we weren’t asked to pay any amount of


  38. Heard unilag jupeb result will b out tomorrow in various faculties. We Unilag students should get ready to see our success. #optimism#

  39. Pls is there anyone who took Jupeb in Uniben…d result for oau students ate out ND we dont know if Uniben result is out.dy do not post it online…pls can any ubiben student go to jupeb office ND make enquiries about our results pls m in lag I would hv gone my self

  40. But could u please tell us why the results are coming out one after the other…i tot JUPEB was a board and they conducted d exams, how then is it that d results aren’t coming out at d same time sir? It’s just like WAEC, how would it sound if the results are released school by school or state by state? it’ll be awkward sir or are the schools now in charge of the whole system?…please I think we demand an explanation right? Thank You Very Much Sir

  41. we were asked to bring 20k for collection of result, that is kinda huge. Cant we just check it here on jupeb site?

  42. pls i did dis program in uniben and our exam numba came late so we had to use our reg numba in our D.E forms bt i made a mistake in my reg numba, pls is it gonna affect me? pls i rili nid ansas pls

  43. This is entirely horrible,popc keeps askn abt result n everytin is so frustratn,jupeb ur incompetence supercedes normal o,pls release the result even if its in unilags hands talk to them,pls pls pls we all have plans for our lives we dnt wana die at home.

    1. Take note we are a private hand at not the official website at We are trying hard to answer your question. According to the info we have currently, JUPEB itself have released the results, it is left for centres to go and collect them

  44. Wow D Result Is Really Out In Unn ,Oau and Fupre …doz dat hav seen theirs was d result wat u xpected or do u think ur continous assessment

  45. i thought it uniben has pasted theirs??
    btw i kniw rumors beem viral. .just this night i recieved three images of them saying unilag result is out. .how true is that???

  46. jupeb,please once uniben result comes out,can we check online?or should we go to d school to ask for our result please we need answers

  47. it s very vrry true,ds admin-jupeb does nt even v update of wat s happenin.i had 15points oau glr,virtually everone has seen dr results.

    1. Thank you for your judgement on us. Though the results are out but not every centre have released the results. 60% of the exam centres have not released their student’s result.

  48. jupeb is getting me worried… my dad won’t allow me to sleep if he does not have my result on his table by August ending… am sending dis message to jupeb to please hurry up…

  49. Jupeb , while registering for our direct entry ,the examination number we kept there was the one given to us initially, not the one we used for the exam because UNIBEN didnt give us our exam numbers would it affect us?

    1. Hmmmmm, I need to ask higher authority… you are supposed to write the exam number. Maybe you can approach UNN JUPEB staff.

      1. @Jupeb. Please, the suspense is too much! Why re some schools getting results and others re not? And please when will Uniben results be out?

    1. Some centres have started releasing the results to the students. We believe in the next two weeks, everything should have been ready for collection in every centre

  50. What’s wrong with unilag sef….. release result now let people move on with their lives…I have tire sef…..abi they want to start padding (changing)scores?..see jupeb you guys should better organise yourself properly…most universities have started seeing their results your saying it is rumors….mstchewww… better release before Sept..before u would start receiving visitations by desperate students in ur quarters..what rubbish

  51. They are not rumors jare… jupeb..why would people just post stuffs that they are not sure of when they know how anxious other people are

  52. am a uniben jupeb student,i applied for english nd literature in education please how many point should i be expecting in ma jupeb result nd my direct entry? please reply me.

  53. The result will soon be out….. the rumour you hav been hearing is very strong….dats means…u shuld get ready to see ur result…Goodluck people!!!!!!

  54. The result will soon be out… u can see rumour you hav been hearing is very strong….dats means…u shuld get ready to see ur result…Goodluck people!!!!!!

  55. Pls My school resumes September 5th ans results aren’t out yet. This is gon cause problems. What’s Up guys?

    1. The is not yet out generally. All you have heard and read from people commenting on this site are all rumoured. Result have not been released

      1. Ok rumours, quiet alright, but OAU’s result is out, it’s not a rumour, I got 15 points, so rumour or no rumour, I’ve got my result. You can ban me, Piss out…lmfao…
        Don’t worry y’all your result smells good.
        btw it’s a SHE.

    1. Please, how do you know that? Stop confusing people with rumours. Anyone found given rumour about result again, will be banned from this website.

    1. Calm down, whether screening is next week or not. As long as such university you want to apply to is an affiliate to JUPEB, you are safe.

  56. JUPEB please don’t terminate my admission this year, my screening is next week and I’m expected to present my JUPEB result.
    Please don’t ruin our admission this year.

  57. Pleas this is nonsense for jupeb.I bet jupeb that if I don’t get admitted into my university of choice due to your suspence I will set up a program to move in all states discouraging upcoming jupeb aspirants.nonsense.I think ijmb is best.

      1. Some of my classmates have seen theirs
        we are to go to school to check it but some say it will be later sent to our phones

  58. Please is the jupeb result coming out this month August. just want to know because I’m getting quite impatient.

  59. Sir Jupeb, there is a screening exam taken place in unilag soon, am i required to write this exam or there is another screening exam that will take place after my jupeb result comes out?

  60. I spend close to 180,000. 30,000 for exam feel,150,for school fees and extral 3000 for biometric for Unn. nor be small money ooooo even 10000 for acceptance fee uhmmmmm

  61. pls sir/mis jupeb, if I buy d change of institut form will I still go bak 2 jamb ofiz 2 summit anoder credencials again? jst bcuz i hav don it b4. pls help pls.

  62. pls sir/mis jupeb, if I buy d change of institut form will I still go bak 2 jamb ofiz 2 summit anoder credencials bcuz again don it b4. pls help pls.

  63. please guys, I want to apply for 2016/2017 Jupeb, please, those of you who did the program in Uniben or Unn should please tell me the tuition fees/school fees for the program….thank you

    1. Dont even come to Uniben at all, just run. Tuition is 120k, after dat u pay 25k for watever name dey call it, 15k for something else again. I pay money tire. My dear run for ur life

  64. you people should just relax , stop pestering and urging them into something they are not ready to do. or will you prefer a result filled with failures. you all should just chill and God will release the result in his own convenient time. remember God’s time is the best……

  65. A lot of fun is derived when people who need sometime starts being anxious, am not afraid, because what matters is to see my name on the admission list. final

  66. i hve already lied 2 all my pals dt i hve gotten admission, courtsey 2 dis jupeb program. nw am at home all day long and schls re still in session. pls hw do i explain 2 them dat i jst did a six month program, whose result release date cn’t be ascertain

  67. Good afternoon Mr. Will those candidate that got the required point for his/her course write direct entry exam?

    1. They are subjected to the same screening being given to those who wants to gain admission into 100 level through JAMB

  68. Good morning. As I read earlier you(Admin) said that all schools accepts awaiting results, yea, very true but the issue is how about schools that have already started giving out admissions. What if my school final clearance ends this month or first week of September. How will I proceed for my final clearance and verification without my result? Thanks a lot

    1. Final clearance date is always stated by the schools. And besides, all JUPEB affiliate universities will always consider the JUPEB students before making any decision that will affect them negatively.

  69. This is really tiring we need to know what our plans are…you guys said early August then you should have done are keeping us in unhealthy suspense, please release our results Abeg, no amount of your apologies will ease our frustration

    1. We were making assumptions at least. Since Unilag determines the release of the result not we ( a private entity)

  70. Good Day to Everyone…..truth be told, I’m highly disappointed in JUPEB because they didn’t stand by their word to release the results, perhaps they’re been delayed because of the current educational crisis going on in the country as a result of lack of decision making. I enjoyed this JUPEB programme so much, too bad it was for only a period of time, but life just has to go on. Suspense is one things that thrills Nigerians alot and that’s what JUPEB is doing to us right now, they’re keeping us in suspense. I just hope that my result isn’t going to be tampered with because I’ve got so many people hoping on me. Anyways, JUPEB should do justice and release the results soon or at least give us an expected period of time. JUPEB as a body should understand that we’ve been under surmounting pressure from people around us, siblings, parents and so on. Our parents are worried and for how long do we tell them to keep waiting…..please be considerate and do something fast. Once again Good day and God Bless You. One Love

  71. Mr jupeb you are telling us d result will be out dis week or september unfaillingly,the question is,is it not too late for university admission bcos some schools will ave bin releasin their admission list,september is damn far

  72. Scofield…dream on dear…iffa hear say they would give you updates on results…they won’t even bother replying ur msg

  73. pls oga/madam jupeb, it’s posible 4 me 2 change institude 2 anoder sch. wen I have sumited my form 2 jamb. pls oder idea pls

  74. There are rumours everywhere today that 2015/2016 results are out, pls how true is this?? pls reply ASAP! tnkx!

  75. Pls Mr jupeb as a candidate of 2015/2016 JUPEB…..
    Can you pls give me updates about JUPEB RESULT…..
    The atmosphere in most universities is saying jupeb result will be out today….
    Pls I need your update

  76. pls if you have an idea of when the result will be released you should please let us know it been a while now i think we are expected to know it better than keeping us anxious

  77. I put in for uniben as my second choice ….think their results are out …and I want to check it’s showing me username and password… what should I put in that space…as my username and password…. please jupeb I need response thank you..

  78. Jupeb pls i want to ask,I filled in for bowen university and Joseph ayo babalola university but due to finance I want to change to can I do that?pls I need your response urgently

  79. A friend of mine checked her result..her mum who works with jupeb told her what she scored.. this is not fair what about us who don’t have anyone who will check for us… when would unilag finish determining result… it’s taking too much time as we expected…u guys told us early this getting to middle August… please jupeb you guys should discuss things with unilag…and let know our faith already..haha.. people all over federal universities are waiting anxiously…

  80. I taught d program is jupeb not (unilags jupeb ).jupeb as a body should be d one who determines everything dat happens in d program not any affiliated university. if uni lag is d one dat determines when d result comes out how are we sure d result can’t be manipulated.u guys should change Ur name so dat will know d so called jupeb body is not in control of d program but unilag

  81. Gud day juped•i wil gettin message frm our number wen d result com out bcos wil dropped our numbers durin d examination

  82. Pls Mr jupeb I want to know if am going to do any screening aside from my jupeb result, moreover I intend to go to unilag, but I did my jupeb exam at funaab and I choose funaab in my direct entry, how am I going to go about the issue ?

  83. you guys said that the result is usually out 3-4 weeks after the exam. how come it’s not out yet. please when is the 2015/2016 result be out. just tell me the month please.

    1. Unilag determines when the result will be released. So also we at do not know when the result will be released. But I can assure you that if not next week, then that will be September unfailingly.

  84. Jupeb when I registered,my course was initially physiology,I want to ask if its possible to change to medicine and surgery when the result is out?

  85. Good day, please when is 2015/2016 Uniben jupeb result comin out? Its taking too much time. I went to the JUPEB office in d SCH and dey said dey dont ve any business with past students and dat d result will come from Lagos. Pls their reply was shocking n hrt breaking. Pls Admin, wen re d results coming out. Reply plsssssssss.

    1. Sorry for being Shocked and for the rudeness of the management concerned. Unilag determines when the result will be released. So also we at do not know when the result will be released. But I can assure you that if not next week, then that will be September unfailingly.

      1. Thank you but I want to get the format. Will the centre number and alphabets inclusive ? please just give me a format. Thanks

    1. Unilag determines when the result will be released. So also we at do not know when the result will be released. But I can assure you that if not next week, then that will be September unfailingly.

      1. is there going to be another examination for qualified medicine students after Jupeb results is out

    1. Unilag determines when the result will be released. So also we at do not know when the result will be released. But I can assure you that if not next week, then that will be September unfailingly.

  86. Good pm I chose unizik in my d.e form and have gone 2 submit it at jamb office already, now my parents want me to change to unilag. Is it still possible fore to change?

  87. When does jupeb final exam result come out? And are we going to write direct entry exam for our various schools?

  88. pls jupeb i need an urgent answer. as a jupeb students entering 200 level direct without going through 100 level. what will be my g.p ? pls

  89. Hello, Good Evening.

    Please what is the cut-off mark for the various departments and when would the results be released?


  90. Goodday, JUPEB thanks for your reply, but i have a question to ask, in the past questions provided i didn’t see short answer question because i have 2014 JUPEB past question and short answer questions were provided which students were told to answer all. Please kindly reply if there would be short answered questions this year or these is just how the questions would come. Thanks

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