traveling to Madagascar as Nigerian

Madagascar Visa For Other African Nations And How To Apply

Given that Madagascar is one of the greatest countries with favorable temperature conditions, obtaining a visa there is not always simple for Nigerians.

With 592,800 square kilometers, Madagascar is the second-largest island in the world and is reputed to be a land of fortune. Large island Madagascar is located off the southeast coast of Africa.

Numerous animals live there, including lemurs that cannot be found anyplace else. Madagascar is beautiful because of its beaches, reefs, and rainforests.

Its capital is Antananarivo, and close by lies the hilltop complex of royal residences and cemeteries known as Ambohimanga. The national currency is the Malagasy ariary, and French and Madagascar are the official languages.

The two most crucial documents that will provide you entrance before they begin discussing your actions are your international passport and your visa, which must both be presented before you are allowed to enter Madagascar for any reason.

In order for the embassy to help you determine the kind of visa that would work best for you, you must demonstrate or explain to them why you are visiting the country.

Visa categories Madagascar

Let’s discuss the many visas that can be issued to everyone who applies to relocate to Madagascar.

Visa for Business

You must present your certificate of incorporation in order to obtain a business visa for Madagascar and prove the name of your company.

If you’re traveling for business, you’ll be given this kind of visa.

2. Travel Visa

There are so many tourist attractions on the island that many people frequently visit them.

Penguins call this place home; they are numerous and highly prized.

If your sole purpose for visiting is to admire some of Madagascar’s natural beauty.

You will be able to see some of their major tourist destinations and gain an understanding of their rich cultural past with your tourist visa, which may only be valid for 30 days.

3. Work Visa Madagascar has a lot of occupations for everyone and is not simply a location for leisure. It is also an excellent site for commercial operations.

People who work abroad of their own nation frequently choose this as one of their favorite locations.

It boasts a sizable population and is one among the world’s most peaceful nations.

You will need to produce various paperwork, which we will discuss here, if you plan to work in Madagascar.

Criteria For Madagascar Visa for Nigerians

Let’s discuss some of the paperwork you must present in order to work, study, or engage in any other activity in Madagascar.

You must have a completed visa application on hand.

You ought to own identification, preferably the National ID.

If your glasses won’t hide your face or prevent it from appearing, they are acceptable.

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If you have any prior visas, you must make a photocopy of each one and submit it together with the other necessary paperwork.

Create a photocopy of the passport data sheet, which contains your photo.


Include a letter in which you explain why you are visiting Iceland. In. If you’re travelling for a little period of time, your letter and your date of departure should be enclosed and returned.
Make a copy of your flight ticket as well, noting the date, time, and airline.

Your health insurance is crucial, and you will need to bring a copy of it with you. If you are traveling as a married person, you will need to show your marriage certificate as proof.

A birth certificate and other vital paperwork should be fully prepared.

If your application is not submitted in your home country, you must demonstrate that you are residing there legally.

I need to provide proof of a sufficient account balance to pay for your stay in Iceland.

Your firm certificate of I.D. registration should be presented if you are traveling there on business.
You should be able to provide your employment letter if you are traveling as an employee.
You must provide evidence of your retirement savings if you are a retired worker.

Your application fee can be paid at the embassy, by bank order, or by any other method the embassy may give.

How to Apply for a Visa for Madagascar

Be aware that, depending on the circumstances, you may need to submit additional documentation before applying for this.

Since Madagascar doesn’t have an embassy in Nigeria, the nearest one is the one you can find online. As a result, you must travel to Kenya to obtain a visa, though you can still do so by sending an email.

Nairobi, Kenya Postal Code: 14205-00800 Address: AACC Building Westland Telephone: +254-204452410 Fax: +254-20443241 Email:

In order for them to send you the Visa application form and instructions on how to pay for it, they will need your contact information when you get in touch with them.

If you take the procedures we’ve outlined above, you shouldn’t have any trouble finishing your application quickly.

Can I obtain a visa for Madagascar upon arrival?

Yes, you can obtain a 30-day visa on arrival in Madagascar; but, you may be required to have already finished your visa application and other requirements prior to that time.

How much is a visa to Madagascar?

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You will need to pay a total of $100 to apply for a visa to Madagascar.

Is a visa to Madagascar free for Nigerians?

Yes, they will provide you with a free 30-day visa when you enter the country.

Flight duration from Nigeria to Madagascar

You should be prepared to travel by air for up to 7 hours and 13 minutes if you’re heading to the island.

Conclusion Madagascar is a wonderful country with lovely locations for leisure, and we advise adding them to your itinerary so you may return here to Healthvase to explore more lovely locations to visit.

Use the comment section or get in touch with the embassy using the details above to learn more about the Madagascar visa for Nigerians.

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