Norway Business School scholarship 2023 requirements and deadline

Norwegian Business School Scholarship 2023 Requirements Of Bi Presidential Scholarship

Awarded to students with superior academic records, this scholarship is open to Norwegian and international applicants admitted to any MSc programme at campus Oslo or campus Bergen.

Norwegian Business School  Scholarship Award

Norwegian Business School and Internal Applicants: Scholarships will cover full tuition fees for each semester, for up to two years, if the student achieves the academic progression requirements.

International Applicants of Norwegian Scholarship: Scholarships will cover full tuition fees and a stipend for each semester, for up to two years, if the student achieves the academic progression requirements. The stipend is to assist with living expenses but does not cover all expenses (approximately 70%).

  • Candidates with superior academic records with international or Norwegian citizenship
  • Candidates must have a minimum overall GPA of ‘A’ on the ECTS scale or the equivalent top-level grade on international grade scales to be considered.
  • Students in the 3rd year of the Sivøk programme are eligible to apply.
  • Open to candidates admitted to a Master of Science degree programmes at campus Oslo or campus Bergen, with the exception of the BI-Luiss Joint Masters in Marketing.
  • Apply for a scholarship at the same time as you apply for admission.
  • Write a scholarship application letter, maximum one page, outlining why you should receive this scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, not on financial need.
  • Upload it to the section marked ‘Scholarship’ in your online application for admission.
  • Include all the required documentation to be evaluated for admission to a Master of Science programme. The scholarship application will only be considered if a complete application for admission has been submitted and the offer of admission is accepted.
  • BI students currently in their 3rd year of the Siviløkonom programme, can apply the spring of their 3rd year by sending a scholarship application letter to with the subject line: BI Presidential Scholarship Application
  • International applicants who apply for the BI Presidential Scholarship will also be considered for the MSc International Scholarship. A separate scholarship application letter is not required.

Norwegian Business School DEADLINE

Application deadline is March 1.

International and domestic applicants: A complete application for admission, including your scholarship application, must be uploaded to the online application portal. Applications for scholarship are not accepted by email.

Siviløkonom 3rd year students: Scholarship application letters must be emailed to

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Late applications will not be considered.

Norwegian Business School  RECEPIENT SELECTION

The Norwegian Business School scholarship deadline BI has a generous scholarship programme for master’s studies. The Norwegian Business School scholarships in Noway for developing countries

However, the competition for scholarships is great. Each year, the number of scholarship applications received from master’s applicants is far greater than the number of scholarships available for Norwegian Business School Scholarships.

  • BI Norwegian Business School aims to build a diverse and international student body.
  • Only applicants who have been admitted to a Master of Science programme and have applied as instructed will be considered.
  • Scholarship applications will be considered only if the offer of admission has been accepted.
  • BI ensures distribution of scholarships across MSc programmes.
  • BI reserves the right to award scholarships according to institutional priorities which many include prioritizing specific master’s programmes, diversity and gender distribution, or selected partner schools of BI.
  • All candidates will be assessed according to the ECTS scale. Applicants with international bachelor’s degrees will have their grades converted to the ECTS scale.
  • Other factors that may influence awarding could be other academic achievements, GMAT/GRE/CAT scores, extracurricular achievements, and special personal achievements.
  • International applicants who apply for the BI Presidential Scholarship will also be considered for the MSc International Scholarship.

Norwegian Business School  NOTIFICATION OF AWARDS

  • Scholarship offers are not sent with offers of admission. You will receive the offer of admission first.
  • Applicants must accept the offer of admission while awaiting scholarship decisions.
  • Scholarship offers will be sent to selected candidates throughout the admission cycle.
  • Scholarship offers must be accepted by the date indicated on the offer. Scholarships not accepted by the deadline will be withdrawn/cancelled and awarded to another candidate.
  • All scholarships will be awarded by the end of April with the exception of the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship and the BI-Luiss Joint Master in Marketing Scholarship which are awarded later in the spring.
  • All scholarship applicants, including those not selected, will be informed of the scholarship application decision by the end of April.

Norwegian Business School  Scholarship decisions cannot be appealed.

lease note for Norwegian Business School Scholarships:

  1. You may apply for more than one scholarship; however, BI Norwegian Business School will award only one scholarship per applicant.
  2. Awarded scholarships are tied to a specific academic programme at a designated campus and cannot be transferred.
  3. International candidates who are eligible for a student loan in Norway from Lånekassen (180 ECTS bachelor’s degree from a Norwegian educational institution) will be considered as domestic applicants for the BI Presidential Scholarship and therefore do not qualify for the stipend towards living costs.
  4. Priority is given to applicants seeking their first master’s degree. Candidates who have already earned a master’s degree are not given priority for scholarships.
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Only candidates admitted to a Master of Science programme commencing Autumn 2023 will be considered for this scholarship.


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