obama foundation 2023

Obama Foundation Scholars Program 2023

Rising leaders from the United States and other countries who are already making a difference in their communities will have the chance to advance their work through the Obama Foundation Scholars Program.

Obama Foundation Scholars Program

This is accomplished through an intensive curriculum that combines academic, practical, and skills-based learning.

Obama Foundation is the host.
USA as a country of study
Fellowships is the category.
All countries are eligible.

Full sponsorship, a monthly stipend, and airfare are the prizes. Deadline for Tickets: January 19, 2023

The Scholars programme at Columbia University and the University of Chicago equips people with a demonstrated commitment to service with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase the impact of their efforts, find novel solutions to pressing global issues, and foster change through values-based leadership.

To create a worldwide network that transcends concerns and boundaries, the programme will forge enduring bonds among young leaders who are dedicated to cooperating to address the most serious problems of our day. Obama Foundation Scholars who successfully complete the programme will:

To hasten the positive change in their neighbourhood, get back to work on the global issue of emphasis and carry out the personalised action plan you created.

Obtain a chance to participate in the Obama Foundation’s initiatives to encourage, support, and link up upcoming leaders from around the world.


Rising leaders from the United States and other countries who fit the following requirements are sought after by the Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University:

are rising leaders that have significantly impacted their industry and are currently experiencing a “breakthrough moment” in their careers.

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Have a demonstrated commitment to returning to these communities after completing the programme and using their improved training, skills, and connections on a long-term basis for the benefit of these communities, as well as a proven commitment to service and leadership within a community, region, or country. have a command of English (verbal, written and spoken).

possess the capacity and desire to influence their community’s future for the better.

possess a proven dedication to diversity, a focus on the community, optimism, bravery, imagination, strategy, accountability, integrity, and resilience.

Scholarship Length and Compensation

An allowance each month to help with living costs in New York City
If the programme is able to meet in person, a furnished studio apartment close to Columbia University

The full cost of four courses at Columbia University, including all fees.

If the programme is able to meet in person, basic health, dental, and life insurance are provided for the duration of the programme in New York City.

If the programme can meet in person, air travel to and from the home country and any associated activities will be covered.
The Obama Foundation provides a comprehensive curriculum of leadership development, training, networking opportunities, and individualised support to aid the Obama Scholars in acquiring the practical knowledge, abilities, and experiences they require to increase the impact of their work when they return home.

While planning how they would like to reinvest their new skills, networks, and knowledge after they graduate from the programme, Scholars are able to gain insights from top leaders across sectors and from the wealth of knowledge across the network of Obama Foundation programme participants thanks to these experiences.

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Both cohorts of Scholars, based at UChicago and Columbia, are involved in Foundation-led activities with the goal of establishing a larger global community of practise for shared learning to both guide Scholars’ approaches to their own work and accelerate that work as they return to their communities after graduation.

Each cohort’s experience is specifically designed to draw on the robust research ecosystems of these two world-class universities and the cities in which they are located, offering Scholars in Chicago and New York City one-of-a-kind and immersive learning opportunities.

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